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John Malcolm

Yaz Towing helped me out with a tow, and Peter – the owner of Yaz Towing was extremely helpful from the moment he showed up on the scene to the moment my vehicle was safely towed back to my home.

John Malcolm - Customer
Michele White

Peter and his company Yaz Towing was extremely helpful and affordable, and were extremely quick to the scene. I would surely hire him again in the future if I need a tow or roadside recovery

Michele White - Customer
Jacob Mann

I needed gas, and I had heard about Yaz Towing from a friend and did not think it was possible to have a tow company that would do something like that, but I was wrong. Peter came right out to me and brought me gasoline, then proceeded to show courtesy and respect on the scene

Jacob Mann - Customer
Patty Smith

What an amazing towing company Yaz Towing is! I called them at 1:30 in the morning and they were right on scene! Thanks Yaz Towing!!!

Patty Smith - Customer
Peter Hewitt

Great service! They went to great lengths to tow my car out of a tight parking lot. Returned multiple times till they could gain access. Communicated through out the process as I was back in Boston, and forwarded photos as they went. Thank you!!!!

Peter Hewitt - Customer
Baely Ames

Great prices and very kind and quick service. Cares about customers. Always on call and willing to help

Baely Ames - Customer
Tim Burch

Great care for his work and customers! I have a very low clearance mustang and he very carefully loaded and unloaded it so as not to damage the car 🙂 Hard to find this amount of care nowadays

Tim Burch - Customer
William Chapman

Everyone should know about this place. I have the super secret upgraded AAA. My 17 yr. old son got his Jeep stuck where he should not have been. I called AAA and they could not find anyone willing to help. Yaz not only took our call at 10pm, he was cheerful and had the greatest can do attitude I have seen in awhile. All the others said NO and he said YES we will find a way. AND HE DID. His not part of AAA but I will call him before AAA from now on and everyone else should as well. He is amazing!!!

William Chapman - Customer
Polly Lynch

If you ever need towing services, Yaz Towing is reliable and reasonably priced. When my car broke down over the weekend, I called Yaz Towing and he did exactly what he said he would when he said he would. He was on time and courteous. Overall, it was a great customer experience. Thanks!!

Polly Lynch - Customer
Catherine Morrison

I contacted Yaz Towing to arrange to have my car towed from Portland to Freeport for servicing (engine failure light went on). The owner was helpful, professional and gave me a very fair price for the service. His follow-up was terrific, texted me to let me know when he’d arrive (very prompt!) and also let me know when he’d delivered the car. Friendly, courteous and efficient service. Highly recommended.

Catherine Morrison - Customer
Kilton Lamb

Yaz Towing really came to my rescue today when no one else would. I drive an 18ft truck for work that was leaking oil on the side of the road in Portland. A few other companies said they couldn’t tow such a big vehicle, and some said it would cost up to $600 but Yaz towing showed up. The driver came despite not being sure if he could tow it. He was polite, funny, and was able to get the truck towed to the garage for the least expensive price. He was professional and kind despite not being sure if his tow truck could handle towing such a large truck, but his hard-working and positive attitude allowed him to pull off a miracle and get me out of a real jam.

Kilton Lamb - Customer
Katlyn Raymond

Helped me get into my vehicle on Saturday. Estimated time was 30 to 40 minutes and he showed up in 15 minuets. Great service, would highly recommend.

Katlyn Raymond - Customer
Davin Hattaway

Here’s an example of a towing company that goes above and beyond.
We are 1,400 miles from Portland when we receive notice that a snow ban goes into effect in less than 8 hours. With our car parked on the street and no friends able to move it for us, we called Yaz Towing.
Peter sprung into action, checked out our house in person, and gave an estimate within minutes.
He relocated our SUV away from the street, saving us a towing fee, a ticket, and a week’s worth of impound fees, all at a reasonable cost.
Highly recommended!

Davin Hattaway - Customer
Anna P

Quick to respond and was kind enough to drop all information off at the car dealership to save me a trip!

Anna P - Customer
Josh Dobson

I got towed because of a bad landlord situation. Peter from Yaz was sympathetic and understanding of my situation in tough times !! He helped me out a lot. As everyone knows towing companies suck !! But Yaz really helped me out and he did not have too ! I saved some $ and if needed will use and recommend him in the future.

Josh Dobson - Customer
Kelsey George

Excellent, friendly service. Arrived quickly (and when you’re stranded on Congress in Downtown Portland in an inopportune location, time is of the essence!) Peter was wonderful, and even offered to drop me off at my workplace. Couldn’t speak more highly.

Kelsey George - Customer
Jake Johansmeier

Great costumer service. My car wouldn’t start at a gas station and after trying to jump it, Peter the tow truck driver, stayed with me while I figured things out with Toyota. Thank you!

Jake Johansmeier - Customer
Brendon Whitney

Yaz Towing was great! They showed up 10 minutes after i called and were the least expensive out of all the places I called. I’ll definitely be using them again!

Brendon Whitney - Customer
Mikayla Guimond

After a long day at work I managed to get myself stuck in a small ditch off of my Aunt’s driveway. My step father called AAA and their guy bailed, claiming he couldn’t get in our driveway. Called SEVERAL companies who all demanded outrageous prices. Then I get on the phone with Peter, again another outrageous price, I told him no Thankyou and hung up. He called me back and said verbatim “hey don’t hang up, I want to help. Listen what can you afford right now?” We agreed on a price way below his original asking price. Went over details, paid through discover card, yada, yada. All of his guys were already busy, after an 18 1/2 hour day, he took it upon himself to drive to me at 1am. Even shared his location so I could see where he was. He was prompt, and took on a job that AAA bailed on. I was out of the ditch in 10 minutes. Peter was hilarious! I was so happy after waiting for AAA just to have them cop out, and spending an hour trying to rock myself out of the ditch with the help of 3 people, I just had to give him a hug! To say the least, I will never go through another service provider other then Yaz Towing. I hope I don’t get stuck again, but if I do, I know now there’s someone out there reliable who just wants to get me back on the road. Another quote from Peter after he pulled my car out, “now make sure you can get all the way out because I won’t go home until you can.” 10/10 recommend!!!

Mikayla Guimond - Customer


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